Kotli - sale of a mill in a fairytale setting

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Kotli, Buzet
For sale
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Total rooms:
120.000€ (904.140 kn)1 € = 7,53450 kn
Square size:
50 m2
Plot square size:
3.138 m2
I owe the name Kotli to the river Mirna, which made boilers in the limestone. At the same time, many people compare Kotle with the popular Turkish destination of Pamukkale due to the visually extremely attractive pools.
Once this village was one of the economically strongest in Humština, known for its tailors and millers.
Even today, visitors can see the old mill that defies time.
The mill is located a little lower and you can reach it by a small path on the right side of Mirna.
The approach to the mill falls under the same plot as the mill and represents a plot of land measuring 3138 meters. It is only necessary to open a passage in the wall to get a parking space.
The mill is completely preserved, its northern part completely rests on the monolithic rock. Although the stones are old and originally there is no moisture in the mill. It is only necessary to direct the water to the guides of the mill and with the help of the generator, enough energy is obtained for use. It is forbidden to change the external part of the mill and to upgrade it. With an area of about fifty meters, it will completely satisfy every nature lover and allow him to spend time in a fairy-tale environment, and there is also the possibility of investing in a mill as a business entity.
Kotli is also a famous tourist destination, and it is not surprising if you see hikers in the middle of winter, because the mild climate in the area allows for pleasant walks almost all year round.
If you visit Kotle once, you will want to return to them again, and by buying a mill, you will have even more reasons to relax in a fairy tale from the hectic everyday life and enjoy!
  • Energy class: Energy certification is being acquired
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